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 Surgical Tubing For Lure Making (Latex*)

3/8" ID

* Closeout *
Supplies Are Limited

 Surgical Tubing (latex tubing) is ideal for making your own fishing jigs or teasers for umbrella rigs (or anything else you can think of). Use this latex surgical tubing as body material on one of our fishing jig heads or make your own artificial eels.  And because latex stretches a great deal (remember sling shots!?) you'll find hundreds of uses for surgical tubing on the boat or on the shore. Available in 11 different colors.  Sold in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths.  5 foot and 10 foot coils are continuous - no plugs!  See below.

Latex tubing is NOT translucent.  You cannot see light through this product.

ID = Inside Diameter (the diameter of the hole in the tubing)

OD = Outside Diameter (diameter across the entire tube including both walls)

(Tubing diameters can vary by approx. 1/32")


Tubing cuts with sharp scissors.

Use on a bent hook like a Mustad 31022 and watch it's swimming action!

Great on Diamond Jigs also! Jig heads and hooks sold separately.
Click here for Jigheads, Wire Leader, Terminal Tackle.

*Latex Surgical Tubing - These products contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction in some individuals.

2 Ways to Buy Surgical Tubing

1.  See below for standard colors and lengths


2 Click Here for sale on irregular lengths of tubing and save

Latex tube on fishing jigs Assorted latex surgical tubing for lure making diamond jig with latex surgical tube tail

Colors are approximate and shades can vary

Dark Green

Green Latex Surgical Tubing 
Flo Red Latex Surgical Tubing
Flo Yellow Latex Surgical Tubing
Flo Green Latex Surgical Tubing


Flo Pink Latex Surgical Tubing

Dark Red

Flo Orange Latex Surgical Tubing

Blue Latex Surgical Tubing

Pastel Pink
(Bubblegum Pink)

Fluorescent Purple



(click "Add to Cart" button to select color)

3/8" ID x 1/16" wall thickness Surgical Tubing (1/2" OD)
5 ft coil
Item # ST-38-5
10 ft coil
Item # ST-38-10

Click 'Add to Cart' to choose color

Click here for irregular lengths of 3/8" tubing

White Only


Sold Out




Click Here For Other Lure Making / Fly Tying Supplies

Sizing Surgical tubing:
Since Surgical Tube is So stretchy you should Generally use the Inside Diameter (ID) That is 1 size smaller than the diameter of the jig barb or shaft of anything else you might want to attach Surgical Tubing to.

Extremely tear resistant - holds it's own against Barracuda and Blue fish!


Surgical Tubing - 4fishin.com


Place your order through this site.

Send e-mails to sales@4fishin.com  
4fishin, P.O. Box 4502 Parker, CO 80134