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Rapala Fishing Lures


Rapala Shad Jigs

The Jigging Shad Rap is beginning to get the reputation as the best new vertical jigging lure around the world. Incorporating all the positive benefits of the Jigging Rap into a larger, shad body shape has anglers talking. Developed for ice fishing, the Jigging Shad Rap has a more pronounced action, with a slow circle-down action. Raising in a sharp "snapping" motion will cause bait to circle faster. A quick "vibrating" motion can also be used at fixed depths.  See below for fishing tips.

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Item No. Size Price Secure Ordering
RAP-jigshad3 #3
Out of Stock

Available in Glow Clown only (with red treble hook)
       Size Color
#3 = 1.5", 3/16 oz

Rapala Jigging Shad Rap
Glow Clown


Tie directly to the top line tie. Whether fishing through the ice or working deep submerged structure in the summer, lower the Jigging Shad Rap until you reach the bottom indicated by slack line. Reel back 18 to 20 inches. Slowly raise the rod tip 12 to 18 inches. Drop back in a rapid motion allowing the Jigging Shad Rap to swim in a slow circle down action. With a more pronounced action than the Jigging Rap raising in a sharp "snapping" motion will cause the bait to circle faster. Try a quick "vibrating" action with the Jigging Shad Rap suspended at fixed depths for added attraction.

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